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from scratch
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Sandwich Bread from Scratch
Seedless Rye
Sub Sandwich
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Special Stuff

Bagful o` Burrito...$7.50
Grilled turkey & kraut w/ tater tots, russian, & melted swiss
Grilled turkey & swt peps w/ tater tots, must & melted cheddar
Grilled steak & onions w/ tater tots, BBQ sauce & melted provolone
Grilled ham & broccoli w/ Tater Tots, hny must & melted cheddar
Grilled ham & roasted peppers w/ tater tots, Caesar & melted provolone

SubrageousStuff $8.75
Homemade toasted Sub Roll stuffed with Grilled Roast Beef, fried onions and smothered with melted cheddar, served w/ Li'L Fries, Cole Slaw & Pickle

Bagful O Cristo $8.75
Thumann`s Ham,Turkey & Swiss surrounded by Deep Fried French Toast, grilled to perfection and served w/ a pickle, Homemade Cole Slaw and side of Orange Marmalade

Bagful O Burger $9.75
Two Grilled American Cheese Sandwiches surrounding an 8 oz Thumann`s Burgers topped with LTO and Bacon served w/ a pickle and side of Homemade Potato or Macaroni Salad

Veggie Sandwich 2/ 2 egg whites, broccoli,tom,pepper& onions
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap w/ lettuce

Wrap filled with 3 eggs & cheese
Wrap filled with 3 eggs, cheese & T.Ham, Bacon, Saus OR Ham
*Additional items added to any of the above will be charged accordingly*

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Bagful O' Bagels
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Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
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Taylor, Egg & Cheese
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Fudge Covered Brownies
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Homemade Butter Cookies
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Perfect Pastries
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